Compliments from Emmeti customers  . . .

"The performance that we are seeing with #1 palletizer, is meeting or exceeding our expectations."



Todd H.
B-Tank Business Unit Manager

Rocky Mountain Bottle Co. (Miller Coors)

October 8, 2013

“Fausto, As usual it has been a pleasure working with you and Emmeti on this project (and the entire installation of the depalletizer).  You guys continue to outshine your competition in service.”




Kent V,

Senior Project Manager



Thanks for your help here.  Once again Emmeti has responded in a timely and effective way.  Appreciate your attention and service.


I was in a meeting yesterday with a competitor of yours.  I was asked “In your experience, how is Emmeti to work with?”  I have to admit I had nothing but good things to say about working with you guys and that is certainly not the case with all OEMs.


Kent V.
Sr. Project Manager
The Wine Group

I would like to pass on our special thanks to Luis in the USA. . . Once again
Thank you very much . . You have one of the best service departments I Have ever been involved with.”
Steve D. of Rosella Food

"Thank you for all of your assistance, really appreciated. I want to express how
Much of a pleasure it has been to work with you (Luis) and your company,

You have been very responsive and pro-active and it is a breath of fresh air.”


John L.
Project Manager
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc.
(Re: Constellation Wine's Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi facility)

"I am a maintenance mechanic/electrician for Owens Brockway in Oakland, CA.

We have your Emmeti Four Lanes Bottle Stacker – MT 518/4 Voidless System.

Just wanted to say that Emmeti makes a very good machine. It has never had a Major breakdown and very few problems. It just keeps running-years now.

Only wish that OI would buy more Emmeti equipment.

Thumbs Up To Emmeti!”


David S.



". . . Before choosing, we spoke with numerous people who had Emmeti/Mectra palletizers and depalletizers installed in their plants. These companies were palletizing either plastic or glass bottles.They all spoke highly of the reliability and performance of their machines. We also visited an installation and saw an Emmeti  palletizer operating on a high speed, highly automated line that was producing plastic 2 liter bottles for the beverage industry (Coke, Pepsi, etc.)

The plant manager at this facility commented that the Emmeti palletizer performed significantly better than the  machines he had by two other manufacturers.

Everyone who has  worked on this project is very happy with the quality and performance of the palletizer. The installation and startup went extremely well. The response to any of our concerns or problems has been very quick from both Emmeti U.S.A. and Italy.

From our experience, I would certainly recommend Emmeti to anyone considering the purchase of a palletizer.

I wish that all of our equipment installations would go this smoothly."

Paul A. B.
Engineering Dept. Manager

Independent Can

"As the Training Coordinator of RMBC I have worked with many different venders on training issues. Over time, you learn which  ones are trying to B.S. you and which ones really care about their    reputation and the product they sell. Working with Luis, Alfredo
and Ermanno, I found them to be very knowledgeable, they were able  to supply me with all the necessary tools needed for my training classes, but most important, their friendly attitude towards people, that's how you build a good working relationship.

I really look forward to working with them again someday."

John J. S.
Training Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Bottle Company (Coors)