Depalletizer Option Descriptions:


Overall View of one of Emmeti's  Depalletizers



Pallet centering device on loading section.

When the forktruck loads a full pallet it’s never properly aligned, so the squaring device helps to make sure the pallet is properly positioned on the chain conveyor.

Pallet lifter in depal area:

Required when an empty pallet height is lower than 115 mm as the centering
device would be unable to move outside the travelling area of the layer
transfer head.

Pallet lifter in undressing area:

This option helps the operator to remove the shrinked hood under the pallet.

The following two photos are:

Plastic film removal device: designed to remove the film on an empty pallet.

Before the removal of last slip sheet by the dunnage column, an additional suction cap will raise the corner of the slip sheet, thus to allow a pneumatic pad to hold down the plastic film.


This is plastic film removal device is required to ensure that that plastic film does not move away together with slip sheets during its removal operation, as is often the case. 

The Head:

The main consideration in the selection of one head or another is the possibility to quickly switch from sweep to pick & place head (Pick & Place = bladders).


The best and most flexible solution (efficiency + performance + max production speed and reduced footprint) is a machine with an independent centering device (funnel).


Special pallet restacker: Choose this option when it is necessary to return dunnage materials back to glass plants:

Dependent upon a glass plants requirements: top frames are stacked automatically from the top by the dunnage removal device (column) while empty pallets are stacked automatically from the bottom (through pallet outfeed

While others require:
top frames to be stacked automatically from the top by the dunnage removal device (column) while empty pallets will pass underneath and move to the 2nd special pallet restacker (taller than a standard one to allow passage of stack of top frames).


Two turntables:

Discharge of rejected
pallet or pallets which cannot be depalletized due to job change operation.
Two turntables are utilized to bring pallets to the pick-up point.

Stacking of slip sheets and top frames to allow enough time to load empty pallets into their respective magazines when starting up the machines after a few days of no operators. Such a request involves the installation of pneumatic brackets.

Additional step ladder to go across empty pallet conveyor.  

Thermoformed trays for those customers who have high end or critical bottles that cannot have shoulder to shoulder contact.  We can depalletize or palletize in or out of these trays.