Emmeti USA Named Supplier of the Year for 2015 by Trinchero Family Estates / Sutter Home Winery

Tampa Florida, USA—April 21, 2016—Focusing on its ability to develop innovative solutions and provide extensive support and customer service to commission new factory automation lines, Trinchero Family Estates awarded Emmeti USA its 2015 Supplier of the Year Award for Excellent Customer Service. During a recent dinner in Sacramento, California, TFE management commended Emmeti for its superior ability to communicate with its suppliers and expressed gratitude for customer relationship management throughout the Westside Winery Expansion project at its new Lodi, California facility.

Kent Mann, Vice President of Operations for Trinchero Family Estates, Jim Reed, Production Manager, and Brian Lane, Bottling Engineering Manager all eloquently expressed gratitude, to Emmeti USA’s Vice President, Fausto Savazzi and Emmeti USA’s Sales Manager, Beth Zarnick-Duffy, as Kent Mann presented the award. Kent said, “The decision to select Emmeti as our top supplier for 2015 was an easy one for us.  Emmeti truly stood out above all the rest of the suppliers, and you were in very good company, with top suppliers.  Emmeti made our start-up so easy with your service level and quality of installation.   You have assembled an excellent team.”

Kent expressed, “Bob Torres, an Owner and Principal, Vice Chairman and Director of TFE, extends his congratulations.  Additionally our President and CEO, Bob Torkelson, wanted me to let Emmeti know that this means a great deal to him as well.”

“On behalf of our entire organization, I would like to thank you for the unexpected award presented to Emmeti,” said Fausto Savazzi. “It goes well beyond a simple recognition of the good service provided; it represents a business relationship between our two companies, and it represents a personal friendship between us with the highest respect for everyone’s job and position. The success is always a combination of variables from two sides and the Sutter Home Team has contributed to achieve it with their expertise, their knowledge, their humility to listen and share opinions and ideas with Emmeti.”

Fausto Savazzi went on to say, “I always say that our job provides great benefits: the highest and most important is to have the possibility to meet people and find out how good they are, how much they can teach you, how much they can influence our life. We are grateful for our partnership with Sutter Home.”

Emmeti S.p.A. is premier supplier of palletizers, depalletizers, case packers and conveyors for bulk goods and cased products: dedicated to efficiently, effectively and successfully, making its customers more productive through its ability to handle low to high speed applications and proven accelerated ROI. Headquartered in Montecchio Emilia, Italy (Parma region), with offices in the United States, Emmeti has more than 1,500 installations worldwide and employees more than 200 people in the organization. www.emmeti-spa.it

The Trinchero Family began making wine in St. Helena, California, near the renowned Napa Valley growing region, when it purchased Sutter Home Winery nearly 70 years ago. Trinchero Family Estates boast over 40 brands in the United States and imports from around the world, including Sutter Home, Angove Family Wines, Ménage à Trois, Napa Cellars, and Trinchero Napa Valley.


Emmeti USA, a division of Emmeti S.p.A. announces a proven automated process for bulk depalletizing and case depalletizing on one single machine. Our unique combination depalletizer can handle bulk or cased product offering greater flexibility of handling different product loads in a smaller footprint than traditional separate solutions.  With this innovative process customers can ease into the transition of receiving bulk glass, opt to receive high end bottles in reshippers, or simply have flexibility and a choice of what they buy, and when they buy it.

Emmeti has been a premier supplier of many factory automation lines throughout the last 32 years, and most of these were executed with traditional, yet separate automation systems for bulk depalletizing and case depalletizing.  Market trends to receive bottles in bulk to reduce corrugated use, coupled with consumer’s desire for more choices and the need for increased efficiency while reducing operating cost prompted Emmeti to design, manufacture and commission a more highly automated solution that offers a choice that puts the customer in charge of when it makes sense to purchase bulk glass and when it is best to buy glass in cases.


It’s important to understand the need for flexibility on the bottling lines”, says Fausto Savazzi, President of Emmeti USA, and a global authority on the automation of bottling lines.  “For years, wineries, distilleries and glass plants have been challenged with the decision to convert from receiving bottles in cases, to buying bulk glass, while the majority thought that reducing cost through the purchase of bulk was not possible for them, because they still had bottles in cases, or sometimes the need to receive bottles inside cases, therefore Emmeti made the choice easier.  Emmeti had been supplying glass houses with the ability to send out bulk glass and cased products for years, so why not offer the reverse of the best automation solution?  We now have more companies opting for the ability to depalletize both for pure cost savings while maintaining flexibility.”


Emmeti maintains a leadership role in the design and manufacture of a variety of automation solutions, as premier supplier to the global market, having executed both semi-automatic and fully-automatic systems for complete bottling lines, or single machines on the line.  The company has engineered, designed, manufactured and commissioned lines across many industries including producers of glass, PET and HDPE as well as facilities bottling, water, juice, sports drinks, soft drinks, wine, beer, distilled beverages, coffee, sauces, oils, and food and house hold cleaning products. Emmeti supplies solutions for both primary packs (bottles) and secondary packaging (cartons, crates & trays).


When asked why Emmeti has been so successful in the container handling industry, Fausto Savazzi, President of Emmeti USA says, “we have a unique position in the market because we offer so many different types of container handling solutions, all designed around the customer’s specific needs and not simply a typical prebuilt off the shelf system, while maintaining quick job changes, and operator friendly technology with no proprietary parts. Also our integration experience and our long history as an equipment supplier to the glass manufactures, coupled with an industry-leading engineering and sales team, allows us to have the skill sets necessary to guarantee the success of a variety of end of line solutions without forcing customers to be “boxed into a corner,” because we offer flexibility and efficiency through simplicity in our solutions, while never compromising technology, service and support.”


View more than 80 equipment videos at Emmeti's Own Channel on YouTube:


Emmeti offers an efficient value priced bottling line solution for small wineries.

Low volume production and limited budget doesn’t mean your winery should not be efficient.
Small wineries deserve cost saving innovation and efficiency just as much as larger wineries!  
A small winery, or glass decorator, could take advantage of the opportunity to receive bulk glass.

Receiving bottles in bulk has many cost savings factors
• Delivery takes up less space inside the truck.
• Consider an average 44” x 56” pallet of 750 ml bottles at 7 layers: The traditional case of twelve bottles would be 228 bottles per layer.  The bulk layer would be 280 bottles per layer. The difference is 1,960 bottles in bulk v. 1,596 bottles in cases per pallet.  
•Opportunity to store more ware: rather than storing bottles in a brand specific cases, bulk provides flexibility to store stacks of bottles, later put into cases as needed.

Repetitive motion and heavy lifting is carried out by Emmeti’s semi-automatic palletizer / depalletizer.
Emmeti’s semi-automatic palletizer / depalletizer sequence of operation: For the higher layers, the operator will be able to pick-up and move the layers down to the table by standing on an operating platform. For lower layers, he will stand on the floor. Moving up and down the platform is necessary only once per pallet.
The set of bladders is equipped with quick connectors, so it would is easy and quick to replace them for different bladder sizes, to accommodate various bottle sizes. One size can be used for both standard 750 ml and 1.5 Lt bottles.

Jackson Family Wine's two newly automated lines, utilizing Emmeti's equipment and Engineering Expertise, is featured in Practical Winery & Vineyard's Fall 2012 issue:
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Kendall Jackson Blog - Bottling Line Improvements - Emmeti is the equipment supplier.
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K-J Blog, by Robert: As the suppliers of the bulk depalletizers, conveyors, case packers and engineering of the lines, Emmeti is pleased to see this blog published.
Emmeti's partnership with Jackson Family Wines, is featured in a recent article in Packaging Digest Magazine.
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EMMETI's Innovation was spotlighted at the recent Interpack Trade Fair, in Germany.

Robotic Palletizer / Depalletizer MT-610

For 5 gallon bottles and / or any bottle size

Ability to automatically  change heads

Head equipped with pneumatic grippers to pick-up and position bottles up to 5 gallon either in rack or pallets.
The gripping device has been duly designed to avoid any stress to the bottle necks during their loading into racks.
In case bottles are palletized on wooden or plastic pallet, the head is also equipped with suction caps to pick-up and place tier sheets between layers.


Please look at the machine in operation using the following URL: 





Emmeti salesman, Giovanni Bondesan, is interviewed by B & R at Interpack regarding the MT 610:



Link to full brochure / equipment details:

EMMETI Featured in Wine Business Monthly Article, May 2011.

Emmeti USA: Reduce Labor, Increase Production and Line Efficiency